November 2014

Published 27/11/2014

November is an unusual month, it is a month where our children are sitting exams and the tensions run high in the families, a month where the parents are coming to the close of the year and are tired.

Suddenly realising that there will be holidays to be planned and paid for, and the Xmas season will soon be upon us with its variations of stress and excitement.

This is a good month to plan a rest over the weekends, and to take things a bit easy. Many find it hard to relax, as though it is a western trait that we must do, do, do all the time.

We can learn a lot from the eastern cultures that take time out just to breathe deeply and meditate, to slow the body down giving it time to recharge its batteries.

We often forget the simple things in life are the most important. That walk on the beach at sunrise, taking time to actually talk to family, not just about the price of potatoes, but how we are coping with our lives and listening to them in depth when they try to tell us their problems.

Going out to Dinner one night I happened to look around the room and more than half the patrons with partners were looking at their phones and completely ignoring the person at the opposite side of the table. It is so sad that we are losing the art of communication on an emotional level.

I hear parents say often that their children do not talk to them in their teens. Is this a learned behaviour from years of children having phones and games?

There many simple remedies that will help us calm the nervous system allowing better response to given situations, deeper and more relaxing sleep.

Bach Flower white Chestnut – helps calm the mind and stops it racing round and round when we are trying to sleep

Bach Flower vervain – soothes tension and stress

Bach Flower Olive – can often help with exhaustion

Rescue remedy – is one of the best known of the Bach flower range and is a boon to mothers with over tired children.

Take care of your health, it is your biggest asset.


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