May 2016

Published 17/05/2016

It has been such a long time since we have written our monthly newsletter and for this I must apologise. With the clinic so busy, and a few personal problems along the way, time has just escaped us.

The Gold Coast at the moment is enjoying such beautiful weather. We are all having walks along the beach, and appreciating the clear blue water with the fresh salty tang. This clears the head and increases the energy levels, making you feel so good. Listening to the news makes you realise how lucky we are.

The flight plan has been approved by the outgoing Minister Warren Truss, so 60,000 houses along the seafront of the Gold Coast can expect to experience increased levels of noise and fume pollution happening over their heads from January 2017. This involves roughly 250,000 citizens of the Gold Coast. We ask why? We are told it is a safety issue, as 13 planes last year were diverted to Brisbane because of bad weather. We ask was it only a safety issue or was it because they could not land their tourists in a paddock ankle deep in water. For a long time many a Gold Coaster has had to carry their hand luggage across the paddock in torrential rain. Maybe it would be easier just to build Jet Bridges, so their passengers could stay dry.

The word “Innovation” is being thrown around by the Ministers. Is it being “Innovative” to install a landing system that was used in the 2nd World War, mainly because the older planes of Asia do not have modern technology and therefore cannot relate to the modern instruments of the Gold Coast Airport. It is one thing to cater for tourists but not at the expense of the health of our citizens. The Chinese tourists come here for our clean air. They even buy cans of the stuff and inhale it when they go home, so will they appreciate our coastline being swamped with the noise and fumes as they lay on what is at the moment beautiful white sand with sparkling blue water and clean air. This will alter from January 2017.

If you want to help with this appeal, contact Kathy and John on 0408984883 or 0447584000

Good health is the greatest treasure we can have.


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