May 2013

Published 30/05/2013

Winter is starting to show itself and the nights are getting colder, here on the Gold Coast the days have still been beautiful with sunshine and warmth.

It is a wonderful idea to get out your slow cooker at this time of year to enable you to come home to a fully prepared meal when you are tired and can’t be bothered with all the preparation. In the morning you can load up the cooker with meats vegetables and spices to your tastes and at the end of the day instead of driving into the fast foods outlets you come back to a properly prepared meal that will fill and nourish your family with health giving vitamins and minerals. It is an added bonus to walk into a house that is filled with the welcoming rich aroma of beautifully cooked food.

In this day and age where everybody is so busy it pays to plan ahead a little to prevent that feeling of being in a rat-trap and not having enough time to care for our bodies as well as we should.

Many years ago when my children were small we lived 40 kms outside a country town , it was very hard to race into town with each cut and bruise that a child received, so I had to learn a lot of home remedies very quickly.

Cough may be helped by putting a peeled onion in a double boiler till it is soft, squeeze the juice out of it with a garlic or onion press and mix with honey give on a teaspoon every two hours.

With those mothers in mind that have little access to immediate medical assistance I have put together a 12 bottle homoeopathic kit with basic “get–out-of-trouble” remedies .

Aconite Relieves first stages of cold and flu.

Apis Wonderful for reducing swellings from allergic reactions

Arnica For bruising, Shock and Pain

Belladonna Headaches, red eyes swollen glands and sore throats

Cantharis Sunburn, burns, burning urine

Catnip Great Colic remedy for children

Chamomile A remedy that is amazing for a teething child, with this you may even get some sleep

Hepar Sulph Eases a phlegm cough and heavy mucous

Mullein Helps sore joints and relieves painful sinuses

Nux Vom I looked for this first with headaches and nausea

St Johns Wort Look for this with pains, insect bites skin irritations and heavy moods

Spongia Very good for dry harsh croup like coughs

Your Health is your wealth


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