March 2013

Published 02/04/2013

Happy Easter to you all!

At last the weather is improving and it looks like we have every chance of having a wonderful Easter Break. I am taking advantage of Easter to close the Clinic for a few extra days.

The Clinic will be closed from Good Friday March 29th and re-opening on the 8th April.

Many of you will be heading away and taking advantage of the holidays to go camping, hiking or just enjoying the fresh air. It will be wise to be alert to the haunts of the mosquitoes that seem to abound in the tropics. They do carry deadly viruses such as Dengue fever, Ross River Fever and Barmah Forest to name a few.

There are natural ways to protect yourself if you are interested in using the herbs for a safe inexpensive oil that will deter flying, biting insects.

Use fresh or dried herbs, wormwood 2 handfuls, Rosemary ½ a handful, pennyroyal 1 handful (do not use pennyroyal if pregnant). Use a mortar and Pestle and grind the herbs finely. Then pour, when they are fine enough into a wide-necked one quart glass jar , then fill with a thin oil such as almond or sunflower oil , finally add one tablespoon of natural vinegar.

Close the jar tightly and place in sunlight for sun infusion, stand the jar on stone which warms. Shake well morning and night for at least a week. When the herbs are ready for use, they will sink to the bottom and the clear oil can be poured off from the herb residue into smaller bottles.

To Apply – Shake the bottle well, moisten a piece of cotton wool or linen and pour some oil onto this and apply to the skin. You may grow these herbs. Some of these recipes are fun to make, and in these times when people are aware of cost it has definite advantages as well as the fact you are not spraying chemicals into your eyes and lungs.

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