June 2018

Published 25/06/2018

The government is undertaking a consultation process regarding the abolition of government rebates for natural therapies from private health insurance. Now is the time to influence this outcome!

Without action, from 1st April 2019 the government is removing the private health insurance rebate from private health insurance providers after a visit to a professional Healthcare Practitioner practicing certain natural therapies. Private health insurers will still be able to provide members natural therapies as part of an extras package, if they choose, however the cost of this will most likely be incorporated into the insurance premium and will not attract a government rebate.

Statistics on the positive impact of Natural Healthcare Practitioners can be found here

Now Is the Time to Have Your Say!

Share your impact and your positive health outcomes. Have a lasting contribution to the future of natural therapy rebates and private health insurance. The best way to do this is to contact your Federal Member of Parliament (MP). Although a face to face meeting is most effective, we understand your time is precious. As an alternative, we recommend sending a letter to your local MP (who is your local MP?). A sample letter can be found here. You can personally add how natural therapies have impacted their health to the letter before sending.

Together we can influence the outcome and have a lasting impact.