June 2016

Published 15/06/2016

We are halfway through the year with an election looming, and decisions for the country’s future to be made.

It is a serious time as our decisions will affect all of us for the next four years at the very least.

It is disturbing to hear Labour say they will take away the right for patients to claim rebates from the health Funds for Natural Therapies. Then we hear that the Liberal party will review the Health Funds after the elections. We would like to know if their decision will be the same as Labour, only they are keeping it under wraps until after the election is over. Our personal freedoms are being threatened. Most of our patients choose to be treated with Natural Therapies as well as by their Doctor. Many are paying the Health Funds every month as has been encouraged by the Government since John Howard.

As Australian citizens I believe that we do have that right to choose where we go to protect our health. Often the only reason people use Natural Therapies is that they are sensitive to the many side effects of some of the drugs. These side effects are listed on the internet for anybody to read, and they can be disturbing.

I have heard often that the Natural supplements are not tested. Well, I have sat for the last three days at a massive seminar in Brisbane listening to some of the world’s best researchers brought to Australia to share their results with Australian natural practitioners. This seminar is held every year to teach and update Natural Practitioners on the world’s latest and best practices.

In order to protect the rights of our industry and our patients, we should be more outspoken, and to this end THE HEALTH AUSTRALIA PARTY has been formed.

Go to www.healthaustraliaparty.com.au for more information.

Become a member or friend of HAP, and tell your family and friends.

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Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/FreeDigitalPhotos.net