June 2014

Published 30/06/2014

This month is very special to most Natural Health Practitioners. Every June is the time that Metagenics hold their “International Congress on Natural Medicine”.

Doctors and Natural Therapists come from all over Australia and indeed from all over the world to attend either as Educators or Students. This allows us as practitioners to keep up with the latest overseas Research trends and products.

This year it was held at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney (Come on guys – next year should be Gold coast, at least it is warm up here). The last 2 years have been held in Melbourne where it was freezing, so it is our turn!!

Dr Sue Shepherd was present. Dr Shepherd started the low FODMAP Diet in Patients with functional digestive disorders. It was very interesting to learn what had led up to the development of the diet.

It was the first time that fructans, excess fructose, lactose and polyols were pieced together for the management of functional gut symptoms.

Another very interesting lecturer was Dr Eleanor Rogan of USA with her studies and research on managing oestrogen metabolism and reducing breast cancer risk.

A lot of discussions were held on the management of Inflammatory Bowel disease which is a worldwide problem with new ideas and research offered to us by Dr Gerard Mullin of USA. Mikkel Jungersen MSC of Denmark gave us the current research on Lactobacillus Rhamnosus (LGG, a specific probiotic).

They were long days but very rewarding and it was great to come home with fresh ideas on how to handle these problems.

It also allowed us to exchange ideas with Practitioners across the country, and to learn what health problems were upmost in various states and regions of Australia.

As a bonus opposite the Hilton is the very beautiful Queen Victoria Building which has so many different and exciting small shops that one just has to go for a walk to clear one’s head after so much intense discussion.

All in all, a wonderful weekend – a chance to catch up with old friends, and a great opportunity to make new ones.

Health is your Wealth


Image courtesy of M – Pics/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net