June 2013

Published 26/06/2013

The winter is upon us and everybody is complaining of the cold, I believe like myself the people that come from Melbourne have totally forgotten what cold is really like.

I remember the first year that I had come to the Gold Coast, thinking that the Gold coasters were a weak bunch; they even wore jumpers and scarves when it was just 24 degrees. Now, years later I am amongst the first to get a coat or jumper when it drops to below 26! How times change.

There is a lot of excitement about the forthcoming marathon on the Gold Coast; Julie (the voice on our phone) is training very hard to finish the 42km. She even went with some friends down to the great Ocean Road to train up and down the hills. The Coast takes its level of fitness very seriously. Next month we will report the result of all this training!!!


  • That avocado is better than any mouth lotion for bad breath. It effectively removes intestinal putrefaction or decomposition that causes a coated tongue and bad breath.
  • Avocado oil assists in the treatment of psoriasis as gently applied to the skin lifts off all the scales and enriches the skin below.
  • Fresh juice of apricot leaves is useful in skin diseases. It can be applied in cases of eczema, sunburn and itching of the skin.
  • Apricots have an alkaline reaction in the system. They aid digestion if eaten before a meal.
  • Apricots have a high content of iron the small amount of copper in the fruit makes it easy to metabolise the iron.
  • Eating raw lettuce during pregnancy and lactation is very beneficial as lettuce contains folic acid.
  • Eating lettuce with spinach, peas, asparagus and cauliflower increases the folic acid and vitamin B content of the food.
  • Application of fresh mint juice over the face every night cures pimples and prevents dryness of the skin.
  • Warts have been known to disappear if rubbed with cut onion, Onions have been used as poultices to boils.

Health is your greatest Wealth