July 2013

Published 31/07/2013

As I reported in the June Newsletter, our Administration Assistant, Julie, participated in the Gold Coast Marathon on 7th July. This month’s newsletter is Julie’s account of the day. I hope you enjoy reading her story.

Julie’s secret to running 42.2km and enjoying it!

At the start of July, I tackled my 3rd Gold Coast Marathon. I decided to run my first in the year I turned 50, a mid life crisis decision that was cheaper than a sports car.

My preparation this year was far superior to the other two. I thought a lot more about the importance of hydration and nutrition in the weeks leading up to the marathon rather than leaving it to the day.

Unfortunately, I had an ankle (muscle) injury 2 weeks prior to the actual marathon. I was very disappointed at the thought of not even making it to the start line when one of Barbara’s patients told me to soak a bandage in apple cider vinegar, wrap it around my ankle, cover with a plastic bag to contain the salad dressing smell and by next morning the inflammation should be gone. I was willing to try anything and did this for 3 nights – it worked a treat (Thanks Ben!).

The week before I made a conscious effort to drink at least 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day and eat lots of fresh vegetables and including protein in every meal. My meal the night before was brown rice with bolognaise sauce. The morning of the race, I was awake at 4am, and relaxed with breakfast of 2 slices of grain toast with honey topped with Chia seeds and a glass of Electrolyte drink. The finishing touch for breakfast was 2 Bio Chromium and 1 Q10 Complete. My running friends called to pick me up at 5:45am, and we headed to Southport for the start.

The atmosphere was exciting and full of anticipation, I lined up and at 7:20am the starting signal went and we were all away. My 17 year old son had an esky packed with honey sandwiches, strawberries, bandaids and cornflour (for chafe) to meet me at different point through the course. I had my supply of energy boosting lollies, plus a small bottle containing the liquid from a jar of pickled cucumbers in my pockets. A Personal Trainer told me a few years ago that pickle juice helped with cramping muscles. It didn’t take up too much room so I took it with me. I felt the build up of lactic acid at around 18km, so I waited for the next drink station, took a sip of my pickle juice, washed it down with some water and continued. Almost immediately I could feel my leg muscles relaxing – it really did work! I sipped the pickle juice again at 26k (I also had another 2 Bio Chromium at this point) and also at 31k. I finished the 42.2k with ease in 5 hours 25 minutes.

During the run, I had the radio playing on my iPod and my thoughts went to the stories there would be behind the other runners’ decision to participate today. People were wearing an assortment of outfits such as “onesies”, fairy costumes and one fellow was even dressed as a baby! A Japanese man in his 70’s carried a tuba the whole way, stopping every so often to play a tune for the spectators. The most inspiring runner of the day would have to be the fellow who completed the 42.2km in just over 5 hours with one leg, on crutches. A very inspiring and humbling day.

The countdown begins for next year!

Health is your greatest Wealth,