January 2015

Published 22/01/2015

The holidays are nearly spent , on the whole we have been so lucky with the weather, although the New Year Revellers would not have thought so, as right on Midnight the heavens opened on the Gold Coast, and people were running for shelter everywhere.

It is good to hear that there has been rain falling inland as well as on the Coast, many farmers are facing drought conditions.

With the heat we have had it is wise to be aware that germs breed well in the warm weather. We should take extra precautions in our homes with food preparation. The washing of your hands is so important when working in the kitchen.

Salmonella has been on the rise the last 10 years, the rates of Salmonella and Campylobacter in Australia are among the highest in the world according to Dr Martyn Kirk an epidemiologist specialising in foodborne disease.

SALMONELLA – found in raw eggs, poultry, pork, cheese and unpasteurised milk

LISTERIA – found in deli meats, unpasteurised mould ripened soft and blue cheeses, smoked salmon and pate. Listeria is present on some fruits particularly rockmelons, scrub the skin before you cut the fruit to avoid spreading the bacteria through the fruit.

E. COLI – found in food that has come in contact with faeces. Occurs in undercooked beef, mince, unpasteurised milk and cheeses and contaminated vegetables

NORAVIRUS – an easily transmissible virus, from infected persons, also sewerage contaminated raw seafood, oysters, mussels or clams.

BACILLUS CERUS – prepared foods, e.g fried rice, food that has sat out in room temperatures too long.

Data released by the Food safety council advises that raw chicken should never be washed before cooking as this practice may splash Campylobacter and Salmonella around the kitchen contaminating sinks, taps, hands, utensils and foods that aren’t going to be cooked like salads and desserts.

It is a good idea to have a selection of cutting boards, use one for the raw meats, and then use another for the salads. Small precautions save a lot of illness and heartache.

Your health is your wealth – treasure it.


Image courtesy of krishna arts/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net