February 2013

Published 04/03/2013


In a society where obesity is rife many people are almost scared of food, “if I do not eat I’ll lose weight”, which you will but the hard fact of this is that you cannot completely stop eating or you will die.

When you start to eat again, in the majority of cases you will put on more weight than you had before. What we have to learn is to “EAT TO LIVE” “NOT LIVE TO EAT”.

Make food our friend, learn about it. Learn what foods will benefit us the most.

In a series of Newsletters I would like to introduce you to foods that will help you maintain your health. Show you what advantages they have and what deficiencies can do to your quality of life.

I went to the supermarket the other day and just stood and consciously looked at all the fresh produce on display in front of me. It was awesome!! We are so lucky to have all these choices.

What do Apples, Oranges, Almonds, Red Grapes, and Pears have in common? They have a Mineral Called BORON that helps bone metabolism, it also helps maintain normal levels of Oestrogen and Testosterone. This is important for strong bones, and a great sex life, balancing those hormones keeps us calmer and happier. Deficiency of this important mineral can create Insomnia, give muscle and bone pain.

CALCIUM is a Major Mineral important to our joy of life, found in Dairy products, Sardines, Salmon, Dark leafy vegetables and sesame seeds. We need this mineral to help our blood clot, nerve transmission, muscle growth and to keep our bones and teeth strong, Deficiency of this mineral may lead to tooth decay, osteoporosis cramping arm/leg numbness and anxiety.

What all this means is that if we had a meal of salmon & dark leafy vegetables , a small yoghurt with some red grapes and almonds, we have helped our body to maintain its health level in a delicious way.

If we had chosen fried nuggets and chips with a soft serve ice cream covered in a sugared caramel and a coke , we are putting our bodies under strain digesting this meal with its overload of fat and sugar , at the end of it we will feel tired and probably grumpy.

Make friends with food, start to appreciate its value and choose wisely with the view to making your body stronger.

The greatest wealth we have is Health


Image courtesy of Stoonn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net