February 2012

Published 03/03/2012

So far, this year has been challenging for us all in Australia, apart from the financial crisis and job cuts, Australians have suffered enormous losses from Bushfires and Floods.

In Victoria, loss of life as well as homes, cars, lifestyles and animals – a secure way of life destroyed often deliberately which makes it all the more terrifying.

Our people have had their homes burned; they have faced enormous dangers with fires surrounding their communities. When you see a fireman out helping others when his house has burned, it should make us realise how much more we can give of ourselves and in giving get so much back in return. These towns face raw sewerage, loss of food supplies and fresh drinking water. Their stock has drowned; cars burned, their children unable to go to school or to obtain their new schoolbooks, their entire household goods, all their family photos and special keepsakes lost to the flames.

We as a country have to pull together to prevent and stop this destruction, especially when it is caused by the sickness of arson. We need to be aware of what is happening around us and report incidences that are suspect , To know that some of that heartbreak has been started deliberately just to get a cheap thrill is an offence against humanity. We need to get involved to prevent these crimes and we need to campaign for tougher penalties. Bail for an arsonist is a joke.

Yet, still we see these people on the News determined to get on with life and rebuild their homes and towns; we have to salute their courage and be proud that we belong to a land that breeds people such as these.

We have to be aware in Queensland of the dangers of the mosquitoes that breed in the flood waters that are common at this time of the year. In the North floods, in the south fire what a diverse country.

We are hearing of many cases of ‘Dengue Fever’ in the north since the floods began, and there are reports that the mosquitoes that carry this tropical disease are coming further south towards the southeast. I recommend that all yards are checked for stagnant pools of water, in buckets, pot plants etc. Tanks be checked and cleaned. If there are canals or lakes close by and you want to sit outside, citronella lamps are a good protection.

Dengue is an acute febrile disease characterised by sudden onset of headaches, fever, prostration, joint and muscle pain, extreme aching in legs and joints, pain on moving even the eyes. Incubation is usually 3-15 days.

Time to take care of you and your family – strengthen the immune system, have plenty of sleep, eat 6 small meals with high levels of protein to balance blood sugar, drink 1.5 – 2 litres of filtered water and take a few supplement e.g. Vitamin C – 1 teaspoon a day; Blackmores SPSS – for digestion and acid/alkaline balance; Colloidal Minerals – to strengthen; Echinacea – to support the system; Keep moving – walk daily to keep joints mobile.



Image courtesy of SweetCrisis / FreeDigitalPhotos.net