December 2014

Published 16/12/2014

The Melbourne cup has been run, the shops are full of Christmas decorations and the special Christmas treats. The holidays are upon us.

Schoolies week is over, and all the Carols Concerts are advertised around the various beaches. The stores are crazy, and it is getting harder and harder to find parking.

I find it very interesting that the atmosphere on the Gold coast changes so much in such a short space of time , and it is not only the Gold Coast but all over Australia .

The very air becomes charged with an urgency, the stress becomes more obvious as the shopping has to be done, the extra money has to be found to entertain family and friends, new clothes bought for the Xmas parties and the holidays paid. The endless debate of who will hold Christmas at their place this year, who can come and who will bring what.

All this stress and worry for one day, 24 hours and it is all over.

As a child in the North of Queensland, the biggest worry was whether or not the Bruce Highway would flood and all our floors would be taken up with travellers sleeping in the hallways of my parents’ hotel. All my family would be on alert ready to feed and bed extras for as long as it took. It seemed a much more serious time in those days. Yet when I read the news in December the Bruce Highway is still flooding, with trucks and cars not getting through so many years later.

Use the holidays to relax and enjoy, simplify your life, get back to basics, know that you can only sleep in one bed and wear one pair of shoes, eat only a certain amount of food and that we really do not need all that STUFF that we have in our homes. It is interesting how little we NEED, it is so different to what we WANT.

Wishing you all a good book with rest and relaxation with the music you enjoy. A wonderful platter of the amazing summer fruits that we are so lucky to have available to us, soft summer breezes and a sea view to complete our joy.

The clinic will be closed from 1:30pm 17 December 2014 and reopen at 9am 13 January 2015.

Your health is your wealth – treasure it.


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