August 2018

Published 01/08/2018

“The time has come the Walrus said”

Over the past few months I have been exploring options on how I can best share my expertise. The catalyst for this was that I have been inundated with requests for appointments from both old and new patients, to the extent that I have been unable to offer appointments for sometimes up to 3 months away.

This is not ideal as some treatments need regular follow-up appointments, which in a lot of cases I have been unable to provide.

I am very excited about the future as I have been wanting to utilise my website to its full potential for a while. To this end, effective immediately all appointments with me will be by hair or mouth swab analysis. (Please see our Services page for instructions).

All medication will be available to existing patients by pre-ordering via email, phone or text messages and eventually through the website. Orders can be posted by Express Post or picked up at a pre-arranged time as there will be no set opening hours –you will be unable to just “drop in” to pick up medication.

I am looking at many ways to improve the services offered through the website and I am sure in the future we can offer self-help courses, skype sessions and basic information to help guide herbal and homoeopathic information.

Health is your wealth