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Cameron is a qualified Homeopath and Herbalist.

His passion for homeopathy and natural medicine stems from the influence of his mother Barbara’s long standing career as a well respected Naturopath.

Cameron has a strong belief and desire to offer people assistance by providing Homeopathic and natural remedies. Cameron is a classical homeopath and herbalist, who deals in single remedy medicines. This has the advantage of price and simplicity of treatment, he does however offer his patients herbal mixes for various complaints.

His earlier career was as a qualified plumber, working alongside his father and brother. As his passion for homeopathy grew, he realised it was the path he wanted to take, so he studied and subsequently gained his qualifications. He is now a full time practising homeopath and herbalist.

Cameron recently moved from Melbourne to Queensland to join his mother in her natural medicine practice. He looks forward to helping people understand and deal with their individual circumstances.

When consulting with his patients, Cameron has found that the main reason many have not responded to previous treatments, is that their care providers have not taken the time to listen to their symptoms, concerns and backgrounds. It is so important to know where a patient has been raised and if they have faced emotional trauma, even as far back as childhood. This is all a part of taking a full health history, that Cameron takes the time to become aware of, as it all has an effect on the patients present condition.

Cameron’s clients have always commented on how thorough their treatment has been with me. I focus most of my time on understanding their health history to determine the best treatment plan to improve overall health and achieve personal health goals.  We  Many of his patients realise the value of treating their families (both humans and animals) with Homeopathics.

Cameron believes there are many patients that miss out on getting the right help because they can’t get treatment over the weekends and often miss out on appointments because of work commitments. Does that sound familiar?

Let Cameron help you understand your health needs so you can live a happier and healthier life with a face to face consult at our Mermaid Beach clinic!


“Cameron has shown real concern, constantly keeping in touch to make sure the homeopathic medication is doing what he expects it to do for my fur baby.

In the short time we’ve been under Cameron’s care I can say he has shown us nothing but care and respect, he gives so much of his time to get results no matter what the challenge and the constant communication is really comforting”.


“I rang Cameron in an emergency last June, which he answered my call and fit me in within the hour!

Unfortunately, I was in a medical pickle – when I saw Cameron he asked a few questions and knew exactly what was going on in my body which was a big relief for me. Over the first few months we kept in touch so he could monitor my progress. I had a few health and emotional issues too deal with so we did a few different types of drops as I was a bit complexed.

Cameron made me feel secure and confident and I knew he cared. He is also very passionate about finding a solution and what works to heal you. We continued communication as my anxiety was so high. I no longer have anxiety and am very well.

Thank you Cameron!”


“Cameron Saker – a gifted knowledge in the use of homeopathy and herbs.
Cameron has demonstrated to be a dedicated and gifted practitioner in supporting me to create positive changes in my physical, mental and emotional well-being. He was persistent with treating my concerns in a caring, sensitive and confidential manner. Cam’s focus with ensuring that I attained my true quality of life was remarkable.

I have only praise for the unlimited time and effort he gave to me through his use of homeopathic and herbal remedies, which for me a life changing experience”.


“I have much pleasure in recommending Cam Saker as a practitioner of Homeopathy.
I know him to be a person of great skill and integrity, and I have found him to be reliable and generous with his time. I know he has had great success in dealing with both psychological and physical problems.

For many years I have used Homeopathy myself with regards to physical problems mainly, but I have recently seen that Cam has had great success with regard to emotional problems with people I have recommended see him.

It is with much pleasure that I recommend him as a skilled professional who is passionate about his work”


“Very friendly service. I felt safe and comfortable with Cameron.

The results from the session were instant. All my anxiety vanished and I’m feeling a lot healthier.

I would highly recommend Cameron as he is gifted and clever in his work.”


“Cameron has helped me make monumental health improvements over the past 8 weeks.

My health, quality of life and pain have improved unbelievably. I am off medication that I have been on for 35 years. Every day my health and mindset continue to improve. Cameron believes in cures and does just that. I am so grateful his mum Barbara, shared her son’s gifts with her patients.

I am sending friends and family to Cameron and will continue to do so. Amazing, lovely, gifted homeopath”.