This to me is a very personal and heartbreaking story, but one that is mixed with pride. 

With the coronavirus outbreak affecting the import and export trade, Australia has had to deal with the lack of hand sanitisers and other essential items on supermarket shelves that all of us are used to having readily available without a thought! 

Seeing A Current Affair, daily news updates and social media posts reporting the huge amounts of these products, as well as valuable medicines, being shipped off to other countries – to help their people when ours were in desperate need – was a devastating sight to see for one young mum. Instead of sitting back and ignoring the situation, this brought about her determination to overcome that lack of essential resources available to her family and friends with a brand new business idea!

As a young mother of two special needs children, isolated in her house for several weeks to help in the collective aim of flattening the curve, she decided that she would try to create a hand sanitiser that would help overcome the current shortfall – even if she could only help her close friends and family.

Unfortunately due to the outbreak of COVID-19, her usual employment was made no longer possible under current self-isolation restrictions, and she quickly saw the need to support her medical bills for her two children, while at the same time acquiring a sense of motivation to provide an additional supply of hand sanitisers in her local community. 

With optimism, an entrepreneur mindset and the determination to create something positive from the chaos, she spent many tireless hours researching the best quality ingredients, along with the right bottles that would ensure the protection of the ingredients from light and heat, to make her own commercially available hand sanitiser.

And just like that, Alchemic Essences Spritz Hand Sanitiser was born! 

I have since received our order of the Spritz Hand Sanitiser and it sure is a product to be proud of, and proof that quality was her absolute top priority during this pivotal moment in her life.

Ingredients of this new Australian-made hand sanitiser include Aloe Barbadensis 99%, Ethyl Alcohol 95.2% and Pure Essential Oils – Cinnamon, Lemon, Clove, Rosemary and Eucalyptus.

The carefully chosen, and organic, combination of ingredients in Spritz Hand Sanitiser will help to eliminate harmful bacteria, moisturise the skin and provide a light therapeutic aroma to keep your hands smelling and feeling fresh for several hours. Used with current WHO hand-washing guidelines, this hand sanitiser ensures to stop the spread of infection, and is designed to be both portable and simple to use.

All ingredients follow TGA guidelines.

We are now happy to announce that we have them available to you, our loyal patients and followers, on our website at

Supporting our local communities, family and friends at this time is a desire very close to our hearts here at Naturopath Australia, and we hope you have enjoyed the background of this brand new product as much as we have!