Pets are very emotional and respond to different situations in an emotional capacity, the same way humans do.  Emotions are amazing and the effect they have on our physical body is unbelievable, and it is the same for our animals.

The fear that our fur babies feel affects their Kidneys and can weaken them to a severe degree. Kidneys in Chinese philosophy come under the Water Element.  Fear can lead to a weakening of the Psoas muscle, Upper Trapezius and Iliacus.  It may damage the Femur / Acetabulum.

Certain Spinal nerves may also be affected, particularly in the lumbar area, when the fear is intense.

The anger and aggression felt by our pets will affect another major organ – the Liver.  Their digestion may not be working adequately to break down their foods completely.  Their blood not purified can then become toxic and develop skin rashes.

The Pectoral and Rhomboids can become a problem inflicting pain and discomfort.  The cervical area of the spine can inhibit their mobility and create a stiffness in the body.

The Lungs are an organ where sadness, unhappiness and grief are stored.  This can lead to a shortness of breath and slower movements.  Your pet may be missing a member of the family, or its mate has died.  The shoulders and ribs can become painful, with cervical vertebrae under strain.  The Thoracic and Lumbar areas can also be weakened by the emotional stress.

The Small Intestine often malfunctions when there is an insecurity, a feeling of being abandoned or not being loved.  This can often lead to diarrhoea, or constipation, where the eliminative system malfunctions.  Pelvis, Knee or Symphysis Pubis can react to this emotion.  The spine is capable of misalignment affecting the Thoracic vertebrae and creating a problem that appears to be totally unrelated.

We should be aware of our pet’s emotional responses to any given situation.  As a child would react to a marriage breakup with one parent leaving, so will your pets experience the trauma.  When our animals give their loyalty and love to a family, they feel the same intensity as any other member, yet often we are concentrating on our own reaction and forget they are sharing the pain as well. I often find that the Bach Flowers work well with pets.  They appear to react positively to the benefits of the flower remedies, and it is so easy to put a couple of drops on their food in times of stress.  Rescue Remedy is a basic go-to for any emotional response.