Onions - Natures Antibiotic from the Pantry

Sometimes being a Naturopath can be frustrating and rewarding at the same time.

A lady rang me from a country area, she was 60 miles from the nearest town and had a baby that was screaming with sore ears. The mother had no car with her husband being away on business.

The request “what can I do? I have to stop my baby’s pain.” I thought “Great – what can I do now” – there was no ambulance to ring and no hospital with emergency rooms.

Suddenly, I remembered an old trick that I had used many years ago with my own children, I had four and we lived 40 miles from the nearest shops. I asked the mother to peel an onion and put it on a saucer over a pot of boiling water, cover the onion till it was steamed soft. Then remove the onion and squeeze it with a garlic press till all the juice was out of it. Making sure the juice was cool I asked her to draw up the juice in a dropper and put it into the child’s ears. Within minutes the pain was gone from the ears and the child was calming down.

Onion juice is a wonderful pain killer and a natural antibiotic.

WARNING: Be sure the onion juice is cooled before use.

Image courtesy of tungphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net