To continue our discussion of Male infertility, we must also be aware of the males that have had cancer treatments, but come out still wanting to father a child.

The chemicals are strong with many side-effects, this can have a debilitating reaction in the body.  

The Kidneys are generally one of the main organs weakened and this creates a lot of pain and discomfort, as the Kidneys are so prominently linked to the reproduction areas.  

The Kidneys have to filter the chemicals and if your Lymph becomes blocked it can create many problems.

Some of the chemotherapy has long term side effects – loss of hair, loss of libido – Anaemia – enlarged prostate – which can lead to loss of self confidence.

Any disorder of the male sexual system ought not to be over looked. Sexually transmitted diseases can cause a discharge from the penis, which is an infection that can cause the sperm to be damaged.

Recreational drugs are another common reason for a low sperm count.  These can lead to the reproductive organs producing lower testosterone.

Levels, which can then cause the testicles to shrink and produce less sperm.  This often happens after a period of heavy steroid use.

Six of the major reasons for male infertility are:

  • Regular contact with radiation or welding
  • Regular contact with Industrial chemicals
  • Regular contact with toxins like lead
  • Regular contact with marijuana
  • History of genital infection
  • Chemotherapy treatment

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