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Do you have a question about Barbara Saker Naturopath?  Check the fequently asked questions listed here or contact us at info@naturopathaustralia.com or telephone us on (07) 5527 7703.

Q: Can I make an appointment to see you personally?

Yes - call us on (07) 5527 7703 or email info@naturopathaustralia.com for an appointment. 

Q: Who do I contact for help or more information?

Barbara Saker (Naturopath) at 3 Dolphin Ave, Mermaid Beach QLD , telephone 07 5527 7703. 

Q: What services do you offer?

We provide supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies uniquely prepared for our patients based on results from Vega Machine testing and Emotional Release Techniques.  

Q: What if I run out of medication before my next appointment?

You can reorder your medication by telephoning us on (07) 5527 7703 or by emailing us at info@naturopathaustralia.com

Q: Can I have my homeopathic remedies in pills or drops?

Our homeopathic remedies are available to our existing patients in pills or drops.  Pills are commonly used whilst travelling. 

Q: Can I damage Homeopathic remedies?

Yes - homeopathic remedies can be damaged by putting them on microwave ovens, near mobile phones, computers and other electrical equipment. We stock special bags to protect your homeopathics during travel.

Q: Can I share my medication with my family and friends?

No. Your medication is specially prepared for YOU.  Everybody has individual needs/allergies so it is important not to share your medication.


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