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Sage - The Versatile Herb

Posted in General at 12 August, 2015

SAGE SHOULD BE AVOIDED DURING PREGNANCY AS IT COULD BRING ON A MISCARRIAGE. The Chinese have a saying "with Sage in the garden you will never die.......

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Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds – Help your Digestion

Posted in General at 11 August, 2015

Fennel seeds have long been used to fight hunger pangs by those on diets. They can be put into broths, or taken as a herbal tea before a meal. They help you digest the food, and prevent the forming of gases and wind in the stomach.......

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Fresh Fruit And Veges

How the Oldies Ate

Posted in General at 10 August, 2015

What was the diet our Grandparents used? To go looking for answers we have to go back into the past and look at our grandparents, evaluate how they lived, what they ate, their level of stress and the effect it had on their nervous system.......

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Athlete’s Foot

Posted in General at 09 August, 2015

This is identified by soft peeling skin between the toes, which can leave your feet clammy and smelly. It is caused by a fungal infection. Athlete's Foot is highly infectious, so do not walk around bare foot, where other people are likely to tread .......

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Posted in General at 08 August, 2015

A parasite by definition is an organism, which to some degree, injures its host. Injury to the host may be brought about in a wide variety of ways.......

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Rosemary – an Amazing Herb and So Accessible

Posted in General at 07 August, 2015

Rosemary is a wonderful herb that is used to improve memory, and with the currently high statistics of dementia, it should be a herb that is often used in our diets as a tea, or in salads. It has wonderful digestive properties.......

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Thyme 2

Thyme – The Natural Treatment for Head Lice

Posted in General at 06 August, 2015

Mothers Miracle Thyme Head lice are a constant worry for the mothers of school age children. They can be constantly passed from one person to another, usually by direct contact. Sharing of combs, brushes, hats and pillows will also spread lice.......

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Herb Mortar Pestle

First Aid Remedies From Your Pantry

Posted in General at 05 August, 2015

With a returning interest in organic and natural foods and the knowledge that they are so good for our bodies, I thought that I would extend this awareness to a whole new level - to look at the fact that these herbs do not only nourish us but are capable ......

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Boy Jumping

My New Friend Simon

Posted in General at 05 August, 2015

One day into my clinic came a little boy and his mother who was so sick. I was trying to treat her and Simon decided he was not getting enough attention and to change this situation he thought he would ignore every request that his mother made. He pulled...

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Missionary Volunteers – The Unsung Heroes

Posted in General at 04 August, 2015

I have worked for 30 years as a Naturopath, and there are so many stories that come out of clinics. Some that are heartbreaking, some that make you laugh and others that can make you just wonder at the strength of the human spirit.......

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