Black mould has many different symptoms which is how we are fooled into believing that it is a different disease to what it actually is.

The mould can make you very sensitive to metal, where your skin can become black and marked if you wear gold or silver.

You can experience a metal taste in your mouth, which sends patients to the dentist thinking they have a broken tooth or the fillings they have in their mouth is the cause of this weird taste.

Many women suffer the pain of vaginal dryness, which can put a strain on their partnerships as sex can become very painful, which will cause them to avoid it as much as possible. That can create tension in the relationship as their partner may think that they are rejecting them.

This Black Mould with its many faces can cause a blister like rash on the tongue, the discomfort of which prevents patients from wanting to eat. Many have said that they can still  smell food from breakfast in the mouth even as late as the evening.

Fungi of any sort can create a craving for sweet foods, fungi feeds on sugar and yeast and can keep spreading throughout the body if it is feed the diet it loves.

Often patients complain that they have lost their sense of taste, and that they are suffering heartburn and reflux. Fungi can grow where it chooses and often patients find that they cannot swallow drier foods, that it  can stick in their throats and cause intense pain under their sternum for hours after eating.

Flatulence  is another symptom of Black Mould that patients should be aware of, as it can be noisy, smelling and therefore embarrassing to be out in public.

Remember fruit is sugar, so try to limit your fruit intake to pieces a day.